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The Lilac Oak Café is a warm extension of LILAC OAK & picking on veg; both plant-based brands brought to life with one simple thought: To introduce the wonders plant-based foods can bring to your life. It’s a translation of our way of life, where we are happy to share with you our housemade Selections cooked up with love, for a fresh warm taste of home. We feed you, how we would ourselves. 100% all-natural. The Café is heart of our communications with you, the place where we become friends, and our dreams are made true. A place of youthful voices and celebrations of health, love, food, and care for the Earth and Mother Nature. Let our 100% vegan treats charm you into a delightful surprise of flavours. Not to mention, the health and nutritious benefits these wholesome, natural ingredients carry – we like to call them, plant magic. So open your mind, recharge your body and soul… Take a step in to satisfy your sweet (and savoury) cravings; your (un)guilty pleasures! Happy foods brought to you by plants.